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Rental Ice Therapy Machine

Ice therapy machines also known as cold therapy machines are used for cold compression therapy which utilizes the freezing effect in conjunction with compression. 

They usually come with a hose; one side of the hose is attached to the container while the other end is attached to a circulation pad, which is placed on a section of the body.

When the ice and water are added to the container, you must then wrap the pad which is connected to the hose, around the body part that requires treatment.

The ice therapy machine then disperses the cold therapy through the hose and on to the surface of the pad, which is wrapped around the knee, leg, shoulder or other body parts thus compressing the injury in the process.  

We do not rent the pads for the ice machines they are purchased only.  The pads we stock are universal pad that are designed to fit most areas of the body.

Make and models of machines available for rent will vary


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